April 11, 2019

An April morning in 2019, and I am enjoying the quiet of a local bed & breakfast called The Timbrook Guesthouse. My sweet husband blessed me with a night away. I cried. On the front porch as I was leaving he placed a hundred dollar bill in my hand. I had prepared to pay for the night with fees from the life-coaching I do. He looked in my eyes and said,"Please just spend it on something you enjoy..." I know it may seem foolish but when you are a mother and a wife, a self employed business owner you know the value of every penny in that hundred. I thanked him and knew I would have to shake off a sense of guilt for taking it. 

I grabbed a carry out meal from our favorite Japanese Steakhouse in Dublin, Ohio and awaited a callback from the Timbrook House. I had seen a picture of their East Wing suite complete with a balcony and soaking tub. If it was taken I would find a hotel, but was hopeful for a unique experience. I got the call and headed that way. 

I was an adopted, only child growing u...

May 30, 2018

 Maybe you grabbed it back in 2017, maybe you didn't! Ten songs we hope you will take a listen to... 

We decided we would share with you one favorite line from each song, in hopes you will take a listen, and share with a friend. (One that you just KNOW will relate to it!)The album is available in all your favorite digital stores and CDs can still be grabbed at our live shows, while supplies last. Onward to our 10 featured lines...

1. "I've been southbound on a Harley, fleein' the state, I've been westbound through The Painted Desert back in 1998..." ~Navigate 

2. "Me and the girls with the tailgates down, hittin' dirt roads makin' gravel fly..." ~ Back to the Bookdocks 

3. "My clothes don't usually match, yea I could use a little help with that... She's honest, works hard, a sweet girl with an  NRA card..." ~Yin on the Yang 

4. "He's a father, yea he loves those kids. He's a rebel with a few tattoos... Living in a small town words get slun...

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